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Each employee will operate within the rules and regulations of their employment and can make an employment tribunal if treated unfairly. The most straightforward way for an employer and employee to come to an agreement on these terms and conditions is for the employer to provide a written document outlining all of the basic terms that will apply throughout the employment relationship. For clients throughout Scotland, our Glasgow-based employment law specialists can provide legal advice on employment contracts for any organisation.

What contains in the performance management statement?

A written statement of employment particulars that confirms some fundamental details about the employment is the very minimum that an employer is required by law to give to an employee. Within two months after the commencement of work, the following information should be submitted in this statement:

  • details about the parties;
  • the start date of the employment;
  • the employee’s rate of pay and the intervals at which it is payable; the position title;
  • working hours;
  • entitlement to time off;
  • regarding the right to notice of employment termination;
  • Information on any regulations governing sick leave; any pension rights.

To guarantee that the terms and conditions that have been agreed upon are adequately outlined, the parties may also desire to control a few more issues. An employer can ensure that the parties understand their rights and obligations by providing a more thorough contract of employment. This can help prevent expensive conflicts from developing down the road.

If an employer does not have a contractual right to act in a particular manner within the employment relationship, there may be instances in which they lack the authority or discretion to do so. Consequently, addressing other areas like:

  • limits following termination
  • Information on any increased sick pay program may be very useful.

Document Drafting Policies and Procedures

We can also offer any additional rules and procedures that may be necessary to ensure the efficient operation of the workplace. We are delighted to help and may offer assistance with policies and procedures for the following (among others), whether a comprehensive staff handbook or a specific policy is required:

  • Discipline Grievance
  • Equitable Chances
  • handling of absences
  • performance supervision
  • Adoption, maternity, and paternity
  • IT systems that are adaptable
  • Social Media Usage
  • unfavourable weather, and
  • Anti-Bribery

HR and employment law advice for employers

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