Workplace Investigations, Disciplinary Proceedings, Grievances, and Appeals

In any business, conducting effective investigations and disciplinary or grievance hearings is essential. We can alleviate any concerns you may have about whether you are doing everything correctly. From conducting a detailed investigation to simply taking records, to holding a disciplinary or grievance hearing, you will be confident that you are doing so legally. Furthermore, our HR Specialists/Consultants can teach governance, providing management with the tools and abilities to carry out these activities on their own!

Workplace Investigations Glasgow

Have you received a complaint concerning senior management? Are you looking for an unbiased and objective professional to handle this? Then Complete Employment would blend perfectly in with your current HR strategy. Whether it’s probing CEOs or dealing with a complex grievance, you can count on Complete Employment to take the stress away from the procedure. A rigorous investigating process is necessary. The investigative method is designed to gather facts rather than opinions and to get to the bottom of a problem. Is your questioning approach or line of questioning correct? Is the investigative officer impartial? Our HR Specialists/Consultants at Complete Employment can handle this for you or merely advise you on it.

Workplace Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Glasgow

Do you have disciplinary and grievance policies or procedures in place? When was the last time you examined your disciplinary and/or grievance policies? Are your managers trained in these processes and aware of their roles and responsibilities? We can provide training and direction on how to conduct disciplinary and grievance sessions, or some clients prefer that we handle the formal proceedings for them. Knowing that our CIPD-qualified HR specialists and employment lawyers are on hand will help guarantee that the process works smoothly and in accordance with employment law legislation.

Workplace Appeals Glasgow

If you have already gone through a disciplinary and grievance process in-house or with another HR consultancy and an appeal comes through, please contact Complete Employment ! We will handle the appeals process for you!