What compensation could you receive with a successful constructive dismissal claim?

Constructive dismissal pay, often known as “unfair severance pay,” is the sum of money given to an employee who feels that their employer has fundamentally broken the terms of their employment.

Employees may be able to resign and file a claim against you in front of an employment tribunal if you, as the employer, do something that violates the provisions of an employment contract. A constructive dismissal claim is what this is.

Serious breaches of an employment contract include, for example:

  • Any type of prejudice
  • Bullying
  • regularly breaking payment agreements without justification
  • failing to address a complaint made by an employee
  • Without consent, a change in working hours or the location of the office

How Much Compensation Could an Employee Win for a Constructive Dismissal Claim?

Would having to pay a constructive dismissal lawsuit settlement of up to £93,878 put a strain on your company’s finances?

Given that it’s a question that the employee is considering, your UK company should give it some thought. How much money do you get back for a wrongful termination? Employees are qualified for the following basic award:

For each year of employment after the age of 41, one and a half weeks’ pay; for each year of employment between the ages of 22 and 40; and for each year of employment before the age of 22, half a week’s pay.

Is there a limit on constructive dismissal compensation?

Text – Briefly, yeah. Employees are only eligible to receive a basic award payout of a maximum of £17,130.

It’s also important to keep in mind that starting on April 6, 2022, the usual weekly gross salary for your employee at the time of their dismissal will typically be used to calculate the redundancy payout. This reaches the £571 upper limit.

Does constructive dismissal have a maximum limit for the compensatory award?

Text – After determining the amount of the employee’s basic award, the committee will go on to the compensating award.

This part of the compensation for constructive dismissal pays former employees according to the damages they suffer as a result of their employer’s conduct.

Loss categories include:

  • lost wages in the past.
  • Loss of future wages.
  • loss after loss.

Wage losses account for benefits like the company car, health coverage, and other employee perks. Even if the payments were discretionary, the employee may still claim any commission or incentives they received. There is some room for discussion because future losses are always speculative, but other losses are not, and when added together, they represent a sizable sum. The maximum prize one can receive is a year’s salary. 

The maximum compensation amount for constructive dismissal is limited by statute to £93,878. Any employee making more than this in a single year—for instance, £94,000—will not be eligible to win more than this maximum. Instead of replacing the basic prize, a compensatory award is given in addition to it.

You may easily spend more than £120,000 after taking into account the rewards, legal fees, travel expenses, and other charges.

How Can I Avoid Paying Out Constructive Dismissal Compensation?

Text – It just requires being on top of things. All you can do as an employer is reduce the likelihood that a claim will be made. Know every clause in the contracts you have with your workers, and if necessary, ask for a free contract review. To keep compliant with the law, make sure your rules and processes are updated frequently.

Avoid taking any measures that can enrage any employees to the point that they believe their only choice is to quit their jobs.

The basic award and the compensating award may still be changed by an employment tribunal. This is frequently the case if it is determined that your ex-employee contributed to the problem by their behavior or if you, as the employer, can prove that the correct procedure has been followed.

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